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Capitol Hoops Feature Of The Week - Victor and Gheorghe Muresan

By Chris Krawczyk, 06/19/19, 1:45PM EDT


Capitol Hoops Feature of the Week: Victor and Gheorghe Muresan


    Victor Muresan may be physically overshadowed by Gheorghe Muresan, his 7’7” Romainain father, but his future looks bright as he continues to shine in this years Capitol Hoops Summer League at DeMatha.

Gheorghe, the former Washington Wizard and New Jersey Net, isn’t exactly the hardest guy to miss when he sits courtside to watch his son play, but he encourages Victor to not worry about him when he’s competing.

“If he wants me to shut up, I will shut up!” Gheorghe said as he discussed his role in helping Victor develop as a player. “Sometimes I do too much, and I don’t want him to focus on me. He knows that he can tell me when it’s too much,” Gheorghe said. “Most of the time it’s simple stuff like ‘Go get the rebound’, or ‘Box out’,” said Victor, “Everything he says is to help me.” And let’s be fair, a former NBA player who played six years in the league isn’t the worst person to receive guidance from.

During Victor’s games, Gheorghe brings his tripod and attaches his phone to it so he can record his son compete. Like most players, Gheorghe and Victor view filming games as a way to learn and improve, but on the rare occasions, Gheorghe gets a little carried away with the footage.

“I remember one time I woke up with 67 text messages at 2 am from my dad with a couple sentences for each clip” Victor said. “That was just one time” Gheorghe said with a grin on his face. “I’m happy he’s always helping,” Victor said. And that’s exactly what makes the relationship between Victor and Gheorghe so special; they continue to push each other through their passion for the game.

Victor, who has received interest from several Division III schools, understands the importance of standing out amongst the scouts, and Gheorghe, being the proud parent that he is, said “Victor would be at the top of the list, and no other player would be below him!” In a more serious tone, Gheorghe said, “But if I wasn’t his father, I would tell him to work on his footwork and get stronger. The most important thing is for him to get better every game.”

Victor enjoys to draw in his free time, and says that having a hobby outside of basketball is really important to him. “It’s really good for me in my spare time just to have something to do,” he said. “He’s doing really well with that” Gheorghe added. Besides drawing, Victor consumes a variety of music, and is open to what kinds of genres he likes. “I can pretty much listen to all kinds of music. There are only a couple of genres that I can’t listen to.” Gheorghe, on the other hand, has his own unique tastes in music, but enjoys everything his son plays for him when they are together. “He’s the DJ” Gheorghe said, “I like most of the things he plays -- For myself I like more exciting music. I Like dance music.”

Stylistically, Victor keeps things pretty straightforward off the court and wears things to keep him comfortable. “During the spring and summer it’s mostly jeans for me, and in the winter it’s sweatpants to keep warm.” Gheorghe, who stands nine inches taller than Victor, said when it comes to fashion, “He (Victor) is my teacher now. He’s doing really well.”

With some of the top players in the area being represented at the Capitol Hoops Summer League, Gheorghe says that the competition and talent is perfect for a player to develop. “You cannot even compare” Gheorghe said when asked about his experiences playing high school basketball in Romania compared to the DMV, “The players here are relaxed and can compete. There is extremely nice competition and there are so many talented teams.”

With the regular season coming to an end, Georgetown Day sits at 3-6 with one game left to play. Be sure to follow Victor and his team as they make their final playoff push at the Capitol Hoops Summer League at DeMatha.